Finnon Lake

Finnon Recreation Area

  • Finnon Lake Recreation Area is PRIVATE PROPERTY - owned and managed by Mosquito Volunteer Fire Association (MVFA).  Use of the facilities is at your own risk.  The management assumes no responsibility or liability for personal injury, loss or property damage.
  • It is the responsibility of visitors to know the rules contained on this website and posted on the information boards on Finnon Property.
  • This is the OFFICIAL Finnon Lake website.  Related information contained on any other website is not authorized by MVFA.
  • For information, call (530) 409-5515. 
  • Finnon Lake Recreation Area is closed after dark - except for registered campers.  Violators are trespassing and subject to arrest.
  • Day Use fees are collected before entering the property for day use activities such as fishing, boating (including ALL inflatables), swimming, picnicking  and disc golf. No fee for hiking and bicycling.
  • Campsites used for Day Use may be charged at overnight rate.
  • Campsites containing gear such as tents, tarps, hammocks, kayaks, fishing rods etc. will be considered occupied.  If left overnight will be charged at overnight rate whether persons are present or not.  If such gear is left unattended for 24 hours or more, it will be considered abandoned, and disposed of.
  • Annual Day Use Passes are now available to Mosquito residents. Please email: for information and inquiries. 
  • Discharging any type of gun including air powered is prohibited.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy for any abusive behavior, language or rudeness toward any staff member or guest.
  • Finnon Lake is pet friendly.  COUNTY LEASH LAWS are in effect.  All dogs are required to be under control at all times, and droppings picked up. Keep your dog from barking or disturbing others, and never leave them unattended.        
  • Primary access to Finnon Lake is Rock Creek Road thru the main gate adjacent to the store.  Large trailers and campers must use Rock Creek Road.  The swing bridge on Mosquito road has width and weight restrictions, and trailers are prohibited.
  • The lake is open for fishing - catch and release only - no bait: Day Use fees apply.  PLEASE do no leave unspooled fishing line on the ground or on the shore.  Place it in the garbage cans.
  • Finnon Lake Campers under age 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 21 during the entire time of their stay.
  • Frank's Diner is located at the entrance to Finnon Recreation Area and is open for business.  Frank may have firewood for sale during business hours.  Call (530) 409-1977 or visit for more information.
  • Discover more about the history of Finnon Lake, how to get here, and info on MVFA here.