Finnon Recreation Area


9100 Rock Creek Road, Placerville, Ca  95667

ROCK CREEK ROAD - Trailers and RVs must use Rock Creek Road

 From Sacramento on Hwy 50,   at the second stop light, Spring St./Hwy 49, turn left, heading north about 1 block to the stop sign. Turn left, staying on Hwy 49, approximately 1 mile.  Turn right on Hwy 193. Travel approximately 3.1 miles to Rock Creek Road. Turn right onto Rock Creek Road and travel 8.9 miles to Finnon Lake/Frank's Diner on the Left.

Traveling west on 50 from Tahoe, make a right on 49 traveling north.    Follow above instructions.

Please be sure to stay on your side of the road

MOSQUITO ROAD - No trailers or RVs on Mosquito Road

50 East to Broadway, right on Broadway.  Make a right on Mosquito Road follow Mosquito Road to Finnon Lake/Frank's Diner

50 West, take Mosquito Road exit follow Mosquito Road to Finnon Lake/Frank's Diner.Please be sure to stay on your side of the road, and when you get to the Bridge ‚ÄčPlease be sure to stop and see if anyone is coming over the bridge.  If so please pull to the side of the road and wait.  The etiquette is each side gets a turn. Please do not follow another car onto the bridge it is one car at a time.